Glaze Antiquing 250ml

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Our Antiquing Glaze is lightly tinted to a rich brown for the perfect antiquing look and soft matte finish.

With an exceptional ease of application with a long open time, our Antiquing Glaze delivers the performance of a professional finish that everyone can achieve!

Also Available as a Clear Glaze to which you can add our paint or metallics.


Spread the glaze onto the surface and use a lint free cloth to wipe the glaze into crevices. Allow to dry completely; typically 24-48 hours, depending on humidity.

Fusion Tough Coat is recommended for further protection in high traffic areas. Apply sparingly with a quality brush of your choice and then wipe to achieve your desired effect. Allow the glaze to dry 12-24 hours, depending on the climate. weather, humidity prior to applying Fusion Tough Coat for extra durability.

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